It’s Storytime

On April 4th, 2016 baseball fans were left speechless. Trevor Story made his debut for the media streamed headlines about his seemingly immediate success story. The Rockies shortstop grew up in Irving, TX, which made this phenomenon hit us so close to home. The rookie also attended North Lake while he was a senior in high school for duel enrollment courses. He broke home-run records no one else has before, five home-runs in his first four major league games. This kid’s journey is pretty incredible; he spent five years in the minor leagues before getting his shot at the big leagues and now he is the best hitter in the league. It gets even better; his mom is the CEO of Irving Cares and is the kindest hearted person you will ever meet. Of course with a job like that it comes with the territory. When asked about her son, she will drop anything she is to speak about him. A proud mother indeed. When the home-run hitter is back home he helps out with the local community and isn’t letting all this fame get to his head. He and his family remained to stay humble throughout all the media’s attention and he even showcases his appreciation to his fans on social media. Good Morning America quoted Story saying “I’m not trying to hit home-runs, it just happens.” I sense a bit of humble-bragging there, don’t we all wish we were as talented as him though? To top it off his gear is already at the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown N.Y. This hometown hero is writing his own “story” when it comes to all of his success.

Story remains #humbleandkind


Mom knows best..

Welcome to the big leagues Story!