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On April 4th, 2016 baseball fans were left speechless. Trevor Story made his debut for the media streamed headlines about his seemingly immediate success story. The Rockies shortstop grew up in Irving, TX, which made this phenomenon hit us so close to home. The rookie also attended North Lake while he was a senior in high school for duel enrollment courses. He broke home-run records no one else has before, five home-runs in his first four major league games. This kid’s journey is pretty incredible; he spent five years in the minor leagues before getting his shot at the big leagues and now he is the best hitter in the league. It gets even better; his mom is the CEO of Irving Cares and is the kindest hearted person you will ever meet. Of course with a job like that it comes with the territory. When asked about her son, she will drop anything she is to speak about him. A proud mother indeed. When the home-run hitter is back home he helps out with the local community and isn’t letting all this fame get to his head. He and his family remained to stay humble throughout all the media’s attention and he even showcases his appreciation to his fans on social media. Good Morning America quoted Story saying “I’m not trying to hit home-runs, it just happens.” I sense a bit of humble-bragging there, don’t we all wish we were as talented as him though? To top it off his gear is already at the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown N.Y. This hometown hero is writing his own “story” when it comes to all of his success.

Story remains #humbleandkind


Mom knows best..

Welcome to the big leagues Story!



The 2016 Dallas International Film Festival

The Dallas International Film Festival celebrated their 10-year anniversary. DIFF is an annual festival held in North Texas operated by the Dallas Film Society. The festival was an 11 day event that ran from April 14-24.

The festival showcased regular screenings, gala screenings, short films, centerpiece films and much more.

Valerie Coll, Rachel Hawkins, Zahra Lokhandwala, and Nathan Woodham were fortunate enough to have received press passes to cover the film festival for the News-Register.

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April 16

Shorts 2 Film Screenings

The second shorts screening included a presentation of seven short films were during the third day of Diff. The following short films were shown to filmgoers Verbatim: The Ferguson Case, PB, The Rain Collector, Battalion To My Beat, Maman(s), How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Step and Over.

Most of the filmmakers attended the second shorts screening. Below is a video of the filmmakers holding a Q&A panel.

April 18

Zahra Lokhandwala and Rachel Hawkins had the opportunity to meet Seth Kramer the director of The Anthropologist after the film’s screening.

Lokhandwala and Hawkins also attended the media roundtable event for the film Orion, which was held at the DIFF Press Studio. Director Asiel Norton and lead actor David Arquette were in attendance.

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April 19

Three Days in August

It was a full house at the Tuesday night premiere screening of Three Days in August at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe located in Mockingbird Station Dallas, TX.

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April 20


The beautiful and chilling animated documentary Tower directed by Keith Maitland based on the sniper-shooting-massacre from the tower at the University of Texas at Austin back in August 1, 1966.

April 21

Signs of Humanity

A documentary that features and is directed by Willie Baronet. Baronet goes on a month-long journey from Seattle, WA to New York, NY to purchase as many signs possible from the homeless. The signs at the end of the film are gathered and used as artwork in an exhibit in hopes to help outsiders understand the many struggles homeless people face each day.

The director and filmmakers of Signs of Humanity held a Q&A panel with audience members after the screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Dallas .

Make sure to check out the 2016 DIFF film reviews at the News-Register Online or grab the April edition of the News-Register located throughout campus.


Media on Monique

I am an Illinois native who has lived in Texas for nearly 15 years.  I am a wife, mom, and journalism student who enjoys writing poetry and spoken word pieces. I work part-time for a packing and shipping company, and I also help my husband with his mobile cooking and catering service.

My mission in blogging is to discuss topics that I have directly, or indirectly experienced in my past and present. However, I will discuss these topics not only from my own perspective, I will compare with similar issues, experiences and stories that are circulating in the current news and pop culture today.

Some of the topics that I personally relate to are: being raised within the pentecostal religion; teen pregnancy; abortion; domestic violence; single parenting; adoption; drug/alcohol abuse; marriage; being overweight; kidney disease; being a returning student and more.