The 2016 Dallas International Film Festival

The Dallas International Film Festival celebrated their 10-year anniversary. DIFF is an annual festival held in North Texas operated by the Dallas Film Society. The festival was an 11 day event that ran from April 14-24.

The festival showcased regular screenings, gala screenings, short films, centerpiece films and much more.

Valerie Coll, Rachel Hawkins, Zahra Lokhandwala, and Nathan Woodham were fortunate enough to have received press passes to cover the film festival for the News-Register.

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April 16

Shorts 2 Film Screenings

The second shorts screening included a presentation of seven short films were during the third day of Diff. The following short films were shown to filmgoers Verbatim: The Ferguson Case, PB, The Rain Collector, Battalion To My Beat, Maman(s), How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Step and Over.

Most of the filmmakers attended the second shorts screening. Below is a video of the filmmakers holding a Q&A panel.

April 18

Zahra Lokhandwala and Rachel Hawkins had the opportunity to meet Seth Kramer the director of The Anthropologist after the film’s screening.

Lokhandwala and Hawkins also attended the media roundtable event for the film Orion, which was held at the DIFF Press Studio. Director Asiel Norton and lead actor David Arquette were in attendance.

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April 19

Three Days in August

It was a full house at the Tuesday night premiere screening of Three Days in August at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe located in Mockingbird Station Dallas, TX.

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April 20


The beautiful and chilling animated documentary Tower directed by Keith Maitland based on the sniper-shooting-massacre from the tower at the University of Texas at Austin back in August 1, 1966.

April 21

Signs of Humanity

A documentary that features and is directed by Willie Baronet. Baronet goes on a month-long journey from Seattle, WA to New York, NY to purchase as many signs possible from the homeless. The signs at the end of the film are gathered and used as artwork in an exhibit in hopes to help outsiders understand the many struggles homeless people face each day.

The director and filmmakers of Signs of Humanity held a Q&A panel with audience members after the screening at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Dallas .

Make sure to check out the 2016 DIFF film reviews at the News-Register Online or grab the April edition of the News-Register located throughout campus.



What is something that you find offensive?

IMG_9923“I get really offended when someone says: you’re pretty for a black girl. It makes me feel as they are saying that black girls can’t be pretty and its a miracle that you are. As a black girl it’s offensive because there are many black girls that are really attractive and we’re portrayed as less attractive than other girls of other races, even though we should be treated equally.

In the media we’re either portrayed [like] Beyonce as if we are beautiful if we’re lighter-complected. Or we’re really sassy and we just have nothing to say, and we aren’t taken seriously as individuals. That makes me very angry as a female, a black female.

[When asked about ethnicity]

I think that they’re saying that you can’t be pretty if your just black. You have to be something more than just [being] black. So whenever I tell people that I am black they always ask what else– it has to be something else, and that makes me–I’m very offended.

It’s just unbelieveable that people would assume that you have to be mixed with something to be a pretty black person.”


My Goals & Aspirations

AfU_AeqZMy name is Valerie Coll and I am a student at North Lake College. I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism along with a minor in Film. I moved to Dallas from Miami, FL about more than a year ago. I enjoy acting & photography. Since I was born, I have traveled to many different places. Just this past summer, I was in London for a week. I am applying to transfer next fall to the University of Texas at Arlington to finish my bachelor’s degree. Then I will apply to Graduate School at the University of Central Florida for a master’s in Mass Communication. I am a staff writer for North Lake’s newspaper the News-Register. This summer, I wish to get accepted into the Disney Professional Internships Program to work for 12 weeks with Disney’s ABC News Internships or ABC Digital Content Internships.