Why do books cost so much?

I spent $500 on books my freshman year of college. Why? Because I was foolish and bought new books from the campus bookstore. Never again. I don’t think we should buy books at all. I think we should use free source materials, book rentals, and book sharing. Yes, sharing like iTunes, except iRead. Not every chapter matters. Some chapters matter more and we should be able to pay by the page.


Hello, world. It’s me Joanna.

Joanna Cattanach

My name is Joanna Cattanach. I am a journalism in Dallas. I love teaching radio classes at North Lake.  Make sure to check our latest radio broadcast .



What’s your favorite and most important tattoo?

Daniel“I guess it would be have to be the verse. It’s actually “Footprints in the Sand”. It was my brother’s favorite prayer is why I got it. He passed away in ’05. (Joshua) He was 22. He overdosed on drugs. It was his favorite and it just makes sense. I’m not sure why he liked it but it goes with I guess how he passed at the end of it. He was really a lost soul. He had one cross with it engraved in it and I still have that. You’re about to make me cry.” Continue reading What’s your favorite and most important tattoo?

Hello, North Lake! I’m Joanna Cattanach

Prof. Joanna Cattanach
Prof. Joanna Cattanach

My name is Joanna Cattanach and I am the journalism coordinator here at North Lake College. This is my third year at North Lake College and I am excited about another semester with new students. This semester we are focusing on more multimedia projects and enterprise reporting.  Our classes this semester include Advertising, Public Relations and Intro to Electronic Media. We are also offering Writing for Radio, TV & Film, Media Writing and News Reporting in addition to our Mass Communication courses. You can find out more about our classes by visiting the North Lake College homepage or by following us on Twitter and Facebook @NLCJournalism.



Welcome to North Lake College Blazer Blogs!

Prof. Joanna Cattanach
Prof. Joanna Cattanach

Classes start next week but I wanted to share this website with you. Our students will be improving their social media skills and blogging on this site on a variety of topics. Each post will be edited before going live but the content, tone and words will be student driven. There is still time to register for one of our Flex Term Classes. For more information about our program visit our journalism homepage at NorthLakeCollege.edu. See you next week!