Nittany Lion turned capital J Journalist

Steve Hennessey always dreamt of the day he would write for a well known publication. Little did he know, a simple phone call to that publication would land him a job four months later. Now, Hennessey is living the dream in the concrete jungle.
The New Jersey native was born and raised in Norwood, 20 miles north of New York City. Hennessey wrote for the sports column of his high school newspaper and continued writing at Pennsylvania State University, where he studied journalism.
“I knew from a young age that it was always something I wanted to do,” said Hennessey.
Hennessey landed a paid internship with the Bergen Record in New Jersey as a sophomore in college. When his junior year approached, Hennessey decided to cold call Golf Digest, his dream company that was a stone’s throw away. Hennessey finally heard back four months later with an offer for an unpaid internship. Hennessey politely declined due to it being unpaid and already having a job with the Bergen Record.
“They reached back out to me the following January with a full-time freelance position. I went in for an interview and got the job, I started working for them a couple weeks after graduation,” said Hennessey.
The now, associate editor of Golf Digest writes two blog posts a day, edits, manages the Golf World account on Twitter, golf digests social media acounts, manages golf course ratings and creates the table of contents for the magazine.
“Don’t take yourself seriously and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to ask a question or two you would be too intimidated to ask because you might get the best answer from it,” said Hennessey.
Hennessey’s words of advice landed him the coolest job any aspiring sports writer could dream of. He named one of his favorite interviews with Justin Thomas, a Crimson Tide alumnus.


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