Getting Ready To Graduate Workshop

Jeremy Crane


Getting Ready to Graduate Workshop


Texas Wesleyan University held a workshop on Thursday for students seeking information on the graduation process and what steps they should be taking to be best prepared.

The workshop was led by assistant registrar Linda Humphrey who spoke to students in detail about the steps they should take to best prepare themselves for graduation in the least stressful way possible.

“I want graduation to be an exciting time, not bad news bears time,” Humphrey said.

Humphrey said that the best way for her to help students is to give them as much information as possible.

“The more information, the more options students will have,” said Humphrey.

Texas Wesleyan freshman Kayla Hayes said the workshop taught her about the graduation process and gave her valuable information that she’ll be able to use when her senior year comes around.

Hayes, education major, said she originally came to the workshop for her freshman success class but was pleased with the beneficial information she had received.

“I know more about the whole graduation process than I did coming in,” said Hayes. “It’ll definitely benefit me in 3 years when I’m getting ready to graduate,” said Hayes.

Senior Pat Listach said he came to the workshop in hopes of having some of his questions answered.

Listach, criminal justice major, said he came in confused about certain deadlines for paperwork and was able to get detailed information from the packet Humphrey had put together.

“I’m glad I took the time to come today,” Listach said.


Linda Humphrey

Age 44



Pat Listach

Age 22


Cell- 254-981-6173


Kayla Hayes

Age 18


Cell- 832-488-9866


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