Ezekiel Elliott, bust or star?

Instagram user ezekielelliot

On Thursday April 28. the Dallas Cowboys selected Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott with the fourth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Many fans and experts wondered why the Cowboys made such a pick when they had 3 running backs on their roster including two-thousand yard rushers in Darren McFadden and newly acquired Alfred Morris. The Cowboys defense was also horrendous last year finishing last in the league with 11 takeaways. Since their defense struggled so much last year many people expected and wanted the Cowboys to pick standout Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Fans and experts believed that Ramsey would help bolster the Cowboys weak secondary to help them get more takeaways and said that Ezekiel Elliott would be a bust and would not be able to help the Cowboys as much as Ramsey could.

However, given Elliott’s college performance and the weapons the Cowboys have around him we feel Elliott will be the next big NFL star. Coming off back to back 1800-yard seasons at Ohio State and a National Championship in 2014 Ezekiel Elliot will have a field day behind the Cowboys spectacular offensive line that includes three pro-bowlers. Even though the Cowboys finished the season with the fourth worst record in the NFL, Darren McFadden still finished the seasons with the fourth most rushing yards (1,089) while only starting 10 out of 16 games. Since starting quarterback Tony Romo and starting wide receiver Dez Bryant were injured most of the season it hindered the Cowboys offense and put a lot of the load on the running game. With back-up quarterbacks Matt Cassel, Brandon Weeden and Kellen Moore unable to move the ball down the field effectively through the air it allowed opposing defenses to gameplan against the run. Considering this it’s quite impressive what McFadden was able to accomplish last season and when you look at how McFadden is nowhere near his 4.3-speed and run you over power he had coming into the league when he was drafted fourth overall by the Raiders in 2008, just imagining what Elliott can do behind this offense when everyone is healthy is mind-blowing.

We decided to ask fans what they thought of the situation by doing a twitter poll. However, our sample size was not very large and most of the people were from the DFW area making the data a little skewed since the majority of them were Cowboys fans.

Twitter user Jeremycrane32

Therefore the majority of the voters predicted that Elliott will be a star, while the rest of the votes were split between bust and average. Only time will tell what Elliott actually turns out to be but with the weapons around him and the system in place we believe he will be the next big NFL star.



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