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Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton from Twitter @HillaryClinton

We are closer than ever of having Donald Trump be President of the United States. After both Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the Republican race, Trump remains as the only candidate for Republican field. In the Democratic side, pundits feel that Clinton is going to be the nominee, but with the shocking upset in Indiana this week, Bernie Sanders still has a chance.

Not many felt that Bernie Sanders would make it this far, but his promise of free tuition, free universal healthcare, destroying big banks, and helping the poor has him soaring through the polls and winning state primaries and caucuses. His promises have created a passionate voting base of young voters. But as the race continues, and many supporters of Sanders are “Feeling the Bern”, Clinton unfavorable ratings continue to grow. On a recent post by Realclearpolitics.com, they gather all the major news networks and new sites and seen a trend of Clinton unfavorable ratings grown. They have Clinton favorable rating at 38.4% and an unfavorable rating of 54.9%.



Not only news outlets polls have low favorable ratings of Clinton, social media sites such as Twitter has also express a dissatisfaction of Clinton. As I am writing this post on May 4th, the number one trend all day on twitter has been #DropOutHillary.

These tweets were examples of what people have been posting all over social media today. The most amazing part the trend is that many of people who are participating in the “DropOutHillary trend are Bernie supporters. Many around social media have expressed Bernie Sanders or bust and would reject a Hillary Clinton nomination. Include in that is actress Susan Sarandon who in a recent interview with MSNBC express that people in the movement will not vote for a “lying liar like Hillary Clinton, or anyone else who isn’t pure like Bernie”. Many have expressed they would rather have Trump win then see Hillary win.

With the support that Bernie has of young adults and college students, I wanted to get an understanding if the same support that Sanders has around the country applies to the students here at North Lake College. I went around campus and asked students to describe Hillary Clinton in one word

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From the few students above, Clinton is viewed in a negative tone. Some even said they have more words to describe Clinton. However of the 5 students who participated in the project, one student had one positive assessment about Hillary.

Like the student above who called her honest, most Hispanics do have a more favorable opinion about Hillary Clinton then other candidates. I asked a few Hispanic students to give their opinion about Hillary.





In a poll data that the Washington Post had on Feb 25th of this year, they did a national survey along with Univision on what Hispanic voters think about Hillary. She had a 67% percent favorably rating and between head to head with Bernie Sanders, she had 57% of voters and Bernie had 28%. However, young Hispanic voters between ages 18-35 favor Bernie 49% to 35%.



One thing is for sure, ask any student in classes, or around campus of their opinion of Hillary Clinton and you will get a great responses, either negative or positive. The country is ready for a woman president, but is Hillary Clinton the right woman for the job? We will find out soon.


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