What is something that you find offensive?

IMG_9923“I get really offended when someone says: you’re pretty for a black girl. It makes me feel as they are saying that black girls can’t be pretty and its a miracle that you are. As a black girl it’s offensive because there are many black girls that are really attractive and we’re portrayed as less attractive than other girls of other races, even though we should be treated equally.

In the media we’re either portrayed [like] Beyonce as if we are beautiful if we’re lighter-complected. Or we’re really sassy and we just have nothing to say, and we aren’t taken seriously as individuals. That makes me very angry as a female, a black female.

[When asked about ethnicity]

I think that they’re saying that you can’t be pretty if your just black. You have to be something more than just [being] black. So whenever I tell people that I am black they always ask what else– it has to be something else, and that makes me–I’m very offended.

It’s just unbelieveable that people would assume that you have to be mixed with something to be a pretty black person.”



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