“Oh, the Places I’ll Go!”

Although I find babbling about myself quite difficult and a tad awkward, I shall try by first starting with my name, Mindy Buie. To state the plain, I’m a student at North Lake College in which I major in broadcast journalism. Like many college students, after many a sleepless night I’m in the process of finishing my Associates degree and then plan to transfer to UNT for my Bachelor’s degree. After all of my hard work I hope to someday produce and direct radio broadcast. Currently I’m also involved in the bump and grind of making a paycheck at Winewood in Grapevine. So as not to burn myself out when I’m not focusing on school and work, I try and use my spare time to travel the world. My whole goal in life is to educate myself not for a career but for the future because after all, isn’t the main point of journalism to help empower others as well with knowledge?



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