BREAKING: NLC Reacts to the release of Jerry Jones

Owner general Manger Jerry Jones was release today by the Dallas Cowboys. We are gathering reaction to this satirical  article from The Onion in 2009. The article  recently resurfaced due to the  team’s  current struggles and public outcry for Jones’ dismissal . NLC students are  in favor of Jones’ dismissal.

“The guy’s all about money, he has very deep pockets,” said North Lake Joseph Valdez.

NLC student Joseph Valdez reacts to news of Jerry Jones dismissal.


“I think they need to rebuild, get a better system behind them, so they can get better as a team,” said North Lake student  Jabari Tolliver.

break up valley ranch


“I don’t think that’s true,” said NLC’s Lupe Alba . “I didn’t know they were releasing him.”


Lupe Alba,  NLC basketball guard is shocked when hearing the news.

“We value Jerry’s contributions to the Cowboys over the past two decades, but it has become painfully clear that we just don’t share the same priorities,” The Onion cited Richard Dalrymple as saying.

“I think it’s wrong, he made the Cowboys,” stated Alba.








“Well, damn, looks the Boys couldn’t handle Double J anymore,” the article quoted one blogger. The Cowboys current record is 4-8.


During Jones’ tenure the Cowboys have remained one of the most profitable franchises in sports.

Story complied by: Tyehirrah Tillis, Demetria Lester, Alejandra Zavaleta, Kendra Heard, Justin Livingston, Steven Gray


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