Why did you grow your locks?

IMG_5442 (1)“It sounds crazy but 11 years ago, it wasn’t trendy. I believe it’s trendy now because of sports and so many famous people have them. There was a time tattoos were taboo, but then famous people started to get them, it’s the same with hair. When I made the decision to grow my hair out people laughed at me, and thought I was crazy. For the first two years it was tragic, my hair looked horrible and it took some commitment. Everything I do, I do it to set myself apart from everyone else and to have my own originality. It’s hard to be different now because 1 out of 3 people have dreads.  I don’t know why you would want to express being  fake by wearing hair extensions or getting yarn to use as dreads. To each its own, I don’t want to criticize anyone beliefs or views. At the end of the day I believe everything that is a part of you is an expression”


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