Crafty and non conservative

notconservativeMy name is Steve Gray. I posses a multitude of interests and beliefs. I will share some during this blogging adventure, others I will keep to myself. It is my belief that a person with an opinion about everything is in the same realm of persons who know nothing. I am positive someone reading this will disagree with that stance, as some will with every post I publish. That is the beauty of this process, sharing opinions without restraint. I despise anyone who would harm women or children, however an abuser may be reading this. I believe that you can correlate life lessons through sports, while some readers may not have the slightest interest in any sport. I believe it is fine to differ in opinion, that is part of the beauty of the human mind. So while you may disagree, I hope to enlighten and entertain in the mean time.


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Student, Father, Sports enthusiast. Loyal, humble individual with drive and determination for success.

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