Racist Idiocy

Oklahoma_Sooners3-1024x768Racism and higher education are two things that should be mutually exclusive with each other. But, once again, what should be and what is are two very different things. Last week two students from OU were expelled for seemingly inciting a bus to take part in a racist chant. There are some who say that the two and the rest of the students on the bus should not be expelled. That they were simply exercising their right to free speech. That is absolutely correct, they are exercising their right. But this is the real world, with real consequences for actions. They can spew their filth all they want, but they should be ready to accept all the consequences for their actions. But the question remains, why only those two students? Should everyone else on the bus be expelled or should the two alleged leaders of the chant take the brunt of the consequences? I think we need more information before we can reach a fair answer to that question.


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