OU Students Expelled

Oklahoma_Sooners3-1024x768What you say behind closed bus doors can hurt.  The racist chant that was publicized and displayed the OU students distasteful showing of racism was not only hurtful to future football prospect Jean Delance.   The unsavory judgment of the students has afforded 2 of them an expulsion from OU.

In my opinion, all of the students that were on that bus should be expelled.  Even if all the students were not chanting, none of the students spoke up to state that what was being said/done was wrong.  In my opinion, THAT makes everyone equally at fault.

When you witness something that is wrong, and you don’t intervene to make the situation right, or stop the offense, you are just as guilty as the person that is committing the actual offense.  Perhaps this is the bigger problem: That not one student on that bus thought that there was anything wrong with what was being said/chanted. What a pathetic revelation of the racial divide that still exists in this country.


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