Hand Guns on Texas Campuses?

Will the Texas Senate approve the open carrying of handguns on college campuses? I sure hope not. Entertaining this notion even seems rather insensitive to all the school shootings that we’ve seen in the past and even in the very immediate past. Why help facilitate such an event? Allowing guns on campuses seems like a recipe for disaster.

I believe that anybody could do something they would strongly regret later in the heat of the moment. Say two students are having a heated argument over something. The presence of a gun would definitely not help cool down the situation and worse case scenario, someone could be killed.

Why let this even be a possibility on campuses where the population is very condensed and high? Why invite this kind of potential harm in an environment that truly does not call for it? Campuses are meant for learning, not somewhere you could potentially be harmed and allowing guns on campus jeopardizes this safe environment.


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