Guns here, guns there, guns everywhere!

gun-control-150x150If this campus carry policy passes, you can bet my butt will be switching to online classes and I’m probably not going to be the only one. This will bring so many complications to most colleges such as, norms and policies for carrying it, and student and staff that will avoid physically putting a foot on these campuses.

I remember when I was little, coming around a cop would scare the bejeezus out of me for the plain fact that they carried a gun and it could be used. Of course my biggest fear was that they were going to shoot me but I soon learned that that was very unlikely. Think about it though, what are your kids, nephews, nieces, siblings or little people in your life going to react when they start seeing people everywhere, including in their schools with guns? How are you going to answer all those questions effectively to a child? What necessity do YOU, who support this have in carrying a gun everywhere you go? Does it make you tougher? Do you feel more confident? Are your psychological troubles and intimidations a reason for you to cause this trauma for others? There are people that would probably wanna shoot me because of my interrogations. Isn’t that scary?

For protection you say? Protection from what? Bears or wild animals? In the country, OK. Rapists or your crazy ex-boyfriend? Girl, chances are, he’s on something and you can probably use a glass bottle or the heel of your shoe more effectively. There’s law enforcement who is there for the shooting and arresting and the setting of protective orders.

Fact is, we DON’T need these ‘open or concealed carry’ laws. We need a stronger ethics society.


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