Expelled or not to be expelled?

Oklahoma_Sooners3-1024x768Two  University of Oklahoma students were expelled after they were seen in a  video slurring out a racist song about . This took place in a charter bus with others in it which were also singing along to the song. Although you can not see their faces, you can see both of the students who were expelled. Now the question is should they have had only expelled those two students for being the presumably leaders of the song or expelled the whole bus who were singing along to it also? This has sparked protests at OU and in front of the students home. So with all of this going on I believe it is more than enough to teach the others not seen in the video to teach them that what was done was morally wrong and way out of conduct. Expelling the two students who seem to be leading the crowd was enough for the others to be taught a lesson. Who knows what lead to them even singing the song but hopefully after this incident, those who were singing along learned something from this. Sadly this shows how much work is needed to be done because racism still exist.


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