A Boom too Soon?

What Parker Rice and Levi Pettit did on that video that went viral in a matter of days was futile. What made the situation even less satisfying to people was the fact that only those two indivuduals that got expelled. Of course their faces were the only ones that were shown. What about the students as a “whole” chanting together? I do not agree to this. It is madness! I legitimately think that all of the students in that bus should of been expelled. I cannot believe that after what they said, they are still walking the honest halls of the University of Oklahoma. Everybody deserves the equality of the blame here. Not just two guys that decided to put their face on camera yelling racial slurs outloud. I hope the University of Oklahoma will learn through this experience and take more action over this issue.


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Gerardo Cano. Born in Dallas, Texas. Sports blogger. All news affiliated with sports. Welcome and lastly enjoy.

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