Professional and Perversely Polite Politicians

Vice President, Mr. Joe Biden and his affectionate hands are trending in online gossip this week. Apparently, during the swearing in of Ashton Carter, the new Defense Secretary, Biden got a little too comfortable in the way he physically touched the wife of the politician. The CNN video shows when Mr. Carter delivering his speech and Biden gesturing for Mrs. Carter to come on to the podium next to her husband. But then, he puts her hands on her shoulders for more time than called for, if you ask me. And WHOA! That whisper! Of course a physical touch and whisper can be soothing and comforting in certain situations and maybe this could have been one, but, man! Could you not make it seem like a hot scene of House of Cards is about to unfold, mister Vice President?

Of course, like stated in his job description, Mr. ‘Defense’ to the rescue! Jealous hubby instantaneously realizes what’s happening and quickly credits his “perfect wife” and blindly, also reaches back to touch her shoulder. We all know what he was thinking as his arm reached over; “I’m gonna touch MY wife’s shoulder now and your hand better not still be there when mine reaches, you son-of-a—-democracy. Uhu. Yeah, that’s what I thought!”

I find it totally comical though, given that it is like super food for memes and tweets and even past instances where VPOTUS CreepyMcCreeper has done similar things. Check out these memes and pics that will make you LOL–ish. like a vpotus biden kiss girlbiden-women


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