Winner, winner, winner!

Three lucky people hit the jackpot, and oneindex of them is not too far from where we are. Texas winner has not came forward, the only information available is that he resides in Collin County in Princeton, Texas, near McKinney. The Power ball prize was set at $564.1 million, before taxes this Texas winner has won 127 million dollars. I’d pay off school, spoil my mom, eat a few fancy meals, go shopping, and travel.  Those are some of the few things I’d do if I won, but I want to make it last, so I would set up an account and be smart; I would hire a lawyer and accountant. I can’t trust myself. Also, the store who sold the ticket gets 1 million. The owners have decided to use for their kid’s education and maybe a trip to Nepal where they originally are from. You didn’t ask? Oops.

PS: This is the biggest win in Texas since we joined in 2010


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