On a fast ‘Pace’

Gerardo C
Gerardo C

According to sources, Larry Bird has recently stated that their offensive of scoring machine Paul George will be making his debut later this season, possibly around April once the playoffs come sneaking in. Not sure what to think about Larry Bird’s decision to bring George in the danger lane after a gruesome leg injury that ended his NBA season during the FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) league just last summer. Bird, who is a dedicated winner, a great time hall of fame and has three championships rings under his belt with the Boston Celtics. Might not be making his most pleasant decision as President of the Indiana Pacers by brining upon George to the bright lights in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Paul George has been slowly picking up his pace to get his leg back in the perfect shape. It’s insane how rapidly his progress has endured during the last couple months. It will be best for George to wait just like Derrick Rose did; after he torn his ACL twice back to back years. Only Paul George will bring that decision to announce because it’s his body, not Birds. It’s always best to wait till one is one hundred percent on the court than to play below one hundred. Only time will speak.


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