Keyla as in Kay

KeylaHi there! Keyla is my name but you’re probably pronouncing it wrong. It reads like ‘Kayla,’ a traditional white-girl name–which I’m NOT, but in my attempt to become the good naturalized American that I’ve become, you can call me Kay. Everyone does. My friends, co-workers, siblings, family, my three-year-old who I’ve actually trained to finally call me ‘mommy’ before calling me out by name, even my parents that say it with a lovely Mexican-Spanish accent. Of course, my professors know me by last name because to them I’m just another seed trying to bloom with the help of their irrigation.

So go ahead and call me Kay. I will be getting very personal with the randomness of my experiences past and present. And I do mean that to the very extent of the word. As a mom, college student, employee, daughter and friend there is nothing simple about the way my clock ticks.


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Mass Communications student. Aspiring to be someone... in the process of figuring it out. Mommy. Jack of all trades, master of none, with humility in the blood.